Past events

17/08/19Sing for Pleasure Summer SchoolKeeleKeele University Chapel19:30
16/08/19Verdi RequiemCHESTERChester Cathedral19:30
01/08/19Eucharist OxfordChrist Church Cathedral18:00
22/07/19Cavendish Singers - EvensongLONDONWestminster Abbey17:00
13/07/19Mass in BlueNewport Pagnell St Peter & St Paul19:30
13/07/19Chester Choral WeekCHESTERUniversity of Chester09:00
01/07/19Mozart Requiem | Astorga Stabat MaterOxfordSheldonian Theatre20:00
18/08/18Cranleigh Choral Week - Choral ConcordCranleighCranleigh School19:30
16/08/18Mozart: Requiem | Willcocks: Lux AeternaGuildfordG Live19:30
07/07/18Cantate AstraOxfordExeter College Chapel19:30
30/06/18Rossini: Petite Messe SolennelleNewport Pagnell St Peter & St Paul19:30
16/06/18Conducting WorkshopLONDONThe Hall School 10:00
16/12/17OMPS – Christmas ConcertOxfordKeble College Chapel19:30
04/11/17OPMS 40th Anniversary Concert – Belshazzar's FeastOxfordOxford Town Hall19:30
20/08/17CCW – Elgar Music MakersGuildfordGuildford Cathedral19:30
13/07/17OPMS – Midsummer Night's DreamOxfordExeter College Chapel19:30
08/07/17SfP – 5 day conducting course day 5LONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarterstbc
03/06/17SfP – Birmingham conducting weekendTBC10:00
22/05/17BachFestWaterloo, LONDONSt John's Church19:30
20/05/17OPMS – Rheinberger Mass and German MotetsOxfordExeter College Chapel19:30
22/04/17ABCD - conducting courseLONDONThe Hall School 10:00
09/04/17BachFest - Workshop DayLONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
08/04/175 day conducting Course day 2LONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
02/04/17Faure RequiemOxfordSt Margaret's Church15:00
26/03/17OPMS – The English AnthemOxfordExeter College Chapel20:00
14/03/17Faure RequiemLondonHoly Trinity Church19:30
21/12/15Service of Nine Lessons and CarolsLondonWestminster Cathedral19:30
17/12/15OPMS – Christmas ConcertOxfordSt John the Evangelist19:30
15/12/15OPMS – Private eventPrivate Venue20:00
08/12/15John Lewis Partnership Christmas ConcertLondonCadogan Hall19:30
05/12/15OPMS – Carol Concert for Cancer CharitiesNewburySt Nicolas Church18:00
27/11/15Lady Ratlings Carol ServiceLondonSt Pauls, Covent Gardentbc
31/10/15OMPS – Martin MassOxfordExeter College Chapel20:00
17/10/15JLP – Mozart Te Deum etcSorrentoSorrento Cathedraltbc
22/08/15Cranleigh Choral Week Final ConcertDorkingDorking Halls19:30
20/08/15Cranleigh Choral week - Choral ConcordCranleighCranleigh School19:30
16/08/15Cranleigh Choral WeekCranleighCranleigh Schooltbc
08/08/15Sing for Pleasure Summer SchoolKeeleKeele University Chapeltbc
20/07/15Evensong – Cavendish SingersLONDONWestminster Abbey17:00
12/07/15ABCD - Conducting CoursePrivate Venue10:00
09/07/15OPMS – Bach: Mass in B minorOxfordSheldonian Theatre20:00
05/07/15JLP – Summer ConcertCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Clubtbc
14/06/15ABCD - Conducting coursePrivate Venue10:00
23/05/15OPMS – Spring SerenadeSummertown, OxfordSt Michael's Church19:30
19/04/15Summer Concert Kick offCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Club10:00
27/03/15OPMS – Rachmaninoff VespersOxfordExeter College Chapel20:00
20/03/15JLP – Verdi RequiemLondonHoly Trinity Church19:30
07/03/15OPMS – Rachmaninoff VespersOxfordKeble College Chapel20:00
23/12/14Nine lessons and CarolsLondonWestminster Cathedral19:30
20/12/14Christmas ConcertOxfordChrist Church Cathedral20:00
15/12/14Christmas Carol ServiceEasthampstead, BracknellSt Mary's Church18:30
12/12/14A Christmas Celebration - Oxford Pro Musica SingersOxfordSt John the Evangelist20:00
01/12/14John Lewis Partnership Christmas ConcertLONDONRoyal Albert Hall19:30
22/11/14Hilliard Ensemble Farewell TourUpper Woolhampton, nr ReadingDouai Abbey19:45
15/11/14Oxford Pro Musica SingersOxfordExeter College Chapel19:30
09/11/14Sing for Pleasure conducting courseBoltonBolton Music Centre10:00
08/11/14Sing for Pleasure conducting courseBoltonBolton Music Centre10:00
04/10/14John Lewis PartnershipCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Club10:00
03/10/14Workshop dayCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Club10:00
27/09/14Sing for PleasureLisbonLisbon Cathedral21:00
21/09/14Oxford Pro Musica Singers – workshopTBC10:00
16/08/14Dream of GerontiusGuildfordGuildford Cathedral19:30
14/08/14Cranleigh Choral Week - Choral ConcordCranleighCranleigh School19:30
09/08/14Cranleigh Choral WeekCranleighCranleigh Schooltbc
19/07/14Sing for Pleasure conducting courseLONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
18/07/14RemembrancesOxfordChrist Church Cathedral20:00
17/07/14Evensong - Cavendish SingersLONDONWestminster Abbey17:00
08/07/14What's the Score: Cavendish EnsembleLONDONRoyal College of Music19:30
06/07/14Voices in PartnershipCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Clubtbc
05/07/14Sunrise MassOxfordSt John the Evangelist19:30
28/06/14Sing for Pleasure conducting courseLONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
21/06/14ABCD conducting courseLONDONSt Andrews Church10:00
07/06/14Sing for Pleasure conducting courseLONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
15/05/14Cavendish SingersLONDONSt Peter's Church19:30
10/05/14Sing for Pleasure 50th Anniversary - Vivaldi GloriaBoltonAlbert Halls, Boltontbc
04/05/14Rehearsal Day - John Lewis PartnershipCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Club10:00
03/05/14Sing for Pleasure conducting courseLONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
27/04/14EvensongOxfordChrist Church Cathedral18:00
01/04/14John Lewis PartnershipLondonCadogan Hall19:30
29/03/14MiserereOxfordExeter College Chapel19:30
15/02/14Byrd and ParryOxfordSt Margaret's Church19:30
19/10/13Oxford Pro Musica Singers and othersTBC19:30
28/09/13Judas MaccabeusPalma Cathedral20:00
17/08/13ELIJAH - Cranleigh Choral WeekDorkingDorking Halls19:30
15/08/13Cranleigh Choral WeekCranleighCranleigh School19:30
20/07/13Cathedral Singers Summer ConcertOxfordChrist Church Cathedral20:00
13/07/13Oxford Pro Musica SingersOxfordExeter College Chapel20:00
09/07/13Oxford Pro Musica SingersPrivate Venue19:00
29/06/13Cranleigh Choral Society Summer ConcertTBC19:30
28/06/13Pimlico PromsLondonSt George's Square, Pimlico19:30
16/02/13Oxford Pro MusicaOxfordSt Margaret's Church19:30
31/01/13Piano duet recitalWarwick University13:00
21/12/12Cathedral Singers Christmas ConcertOxfordChrist Church Cathedral20:00
16/12/12Carols by CandlelightAdderburySt Mary's Churchtbc
13/12/12JLP - Nine lessons and CarolsLondonWestminster Cathedral19:30
10/12/12Waitrose Carol ServiceSt Mary's, Easthampstead, Bracknell18:00
08/12/12Cranleigh Choral SocietyCranleighSt Nicolas Church19:30
04/12/12John Lewis Partnership Music SocietyLondonCadogan Hall19:30
01/12/12Oxford Pro Musica SingersNewburySt Nicolas Churchtbc
10/11/12Oxford Pro Musica SingersThameThame Leisure Centre19:30
20/10/12EncoroUpper Woolhampton, nr ReadingDouai Abbey19:30
07/10/12John Lewis Partnership Music SocietyCookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Club10:00
29/09/12Sing for Pleasure/John Lewis PartnershipDubrovnikDubrovnik Cathedral20:00
26/08/12Sing for Pleasure Summer SchoolKeeleKeele University Chapel19:30
18/08/12Mainly MozartGuildfordGuildford Cathedral19:30
16/08/12Choral ConcordCranleighCranleigh School19:30
Oxford Pro Musica SingersPrivate Venue19:00
Oxford Pro Musica SingersPrivate Venue19:00
SfP – 5 day conducting course day 3LONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
SfP – 5 day conducting course day 4LONDONJohn Lewis Partnership Headquarters10:00
CCW – Choral ConcordCranleighCranleigh School19:30
Rehearsal Day – OPMS40TBC10:00
Rehearsal Day – for Xmas 2017Cookham, nr MaidenheadThe Odney Club10:00
OPMS – Kodaly Missa Brevis and othersOxfordKeble College Chapel19:30
SfP – Community Choir ShowcaseWaterloo, LONDONSt John's Church10:00

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